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About Thyraxx

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Who is Thyraxx?
Born as Lucienne Marten Thyraxx started outĀ  at a young age interesting in music. Watching his father play the guitar he started to learn to play it on a quiet high performance level. As the years passed by and playing at school for the class he started discovering the technical side of music and sound. As said he started with learning how to mix records with this friend Freddylac and moving on to having his own drive-in disco show called Firebird.
Years later of mixing tracks the making of disco mix-tapes began and selling them was the next step.
After finishing a technical school for electronics he decided to learn for Pro Audio-engineer for Stage & Studio.
ThereĀ  learned the concept in how to build a pro studio, set up PA on stage and in theater.

D.O.O.A. the project, the band
Shaken not Stirred the rock cover band
Tranzjam Production Music Publisher
W.A.R.M. Event management
Thyraxxical Music & Sound Productions